• The Mindful Creative Year Workshop, 2024
  • The Mindful Creative Year Workshop, 2024

The Mindful Creative Year Workshop, 2024

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An online workshop and a year-long intimate community focused on applying a measured, systematic effort to develop a better-informed narrative for our coming days, weeks and months and wrapping it into an ongoing conversation with the fluidity of our lives.

The workshop will provide insights into a sustainable framework designed to align our inner compass with our actions and strategically map out our aspirations, while the community and group calls throughout the year provide support on our journey of achieving a fulfilling personal and professional year.

  • A year-long dedicated community and a space for reflection, intent, strategic planning and creating
  • 3+ hours of pre-recorded video lectures
  • 4× group 60-min live Q&A calls, starting on Thursday, January 18
  • 6× group 60-min follow-up calls (every two months for a whole year)
  • C.V Archive Daily Journal + Plain Notebook
  • Max. 30 participants

Please send complete participant and company details (including VAT-ID if applicable) to hello@creative.voyage and we’ll get back to you shortly. The participation should be paid via bank wire transfer based on an issued VAT invoice.

Find out more about the workshop and experience from our alumni on the Mindful Creative Year page.