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Recent Episodes

  1. On Passion, Patience & Photography with Myesha Evon Gardner

    Myesha’s approach to photography, including influences, gear, experimentation, shooting analog and working in the darkroom, her mindsets about growth and finances, lessons she learned from her father, who is a musician, the importance of patience and passion, risk-taking, her most essential rituals, and more.
  2. How to Be an Interior Stylist with Colin King

    Colin’s work/life balance, the source of his motivation, how he approaches interior styling, work routines, his thoughts on professional growth and relevancy, the power of asking for help and of helping others, his challenges along the journey, including encounters with addiction and his path to sobriety, and more.
  3. On Courage, Embracing Change and Lifelong Learning with Astrid Stavro

    Life-long learning and continually being a student, Astrid’s work routines, advice for young designers, her experience as a Pentagram partner, what makes for a good piece of graphic design, how to orient ourselves during times of change, and more.
  4. On Knowing Ourselves, Growth and Long Term Goals with Chidy Wayne

    The importance of knowing ourselves, Chidy’s work routines, managing finances as a freelancer, the importance and challenges of personal growth in the face of modern distractions, advice for young creatives, his views on the craft of illustration, including style and trends, and more.

From Our Community

A great initiative as we do not usually have the chance to speak calmly and openly about many burning questions.

Eugenia Güeto Gómez (Creative Director)

Interesting viewpoints for creative minds that are looking to improve. It provides both high-level perspectives and practical insights.

Alona Vibe (Photographer & Strategy Consultant)

Super pumped that I discovered Creative Voyage podcast. Already feeling motivated and learning so much!

Khand Tenney (Photographer)

This podcast asks the questions we are all needing to hear. It is extremely helpful to hear such a candid conversation between two experienced creatives.

Daniel Britton (Graphic Designer)

Exciting guests. Mario lets them tell their stories, hooks up in the right places and creates an absolute added value in terms of strategies and tactics.

Laura Daume (Content Creator)

Amazing podcast! I am inspired by listening to each episode and appreciate people talking about the hard parts of being creative.

Ruthie Martin (Graphic Designer & Photographer)

For any creative person in the world, this podcast is helpful and engaging, regardless of what your specific creative pursuit it.

Gabrielle Pitman (Podcaster & Marketer)

I listened to most of the episodes, and they are great. I love the approach, really helpful to any creative out there.

Merijn Hos (Illustrator)
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