Workshops & Courses

Our creative workshops have been attended by over 100 individuals from 5 continents and 25+ countries, including full-time employees (agency and in-house), freelancers, creative business owners, entrepreneurs and students.

Participants are working in diverse fields, including design (product, graphic, digital…), photography, creative/art direction, architecture, marketing, interiors, research, UX/UI, production, content creation, art, and more. The common thread is that all our students are looking to grow, learn, collaborate and create.

On Art Direction

An in-depth study of the modern practice of harbouring curated aesthetics, developing visual cues and providing creative guidance for current and future art directors and creative business owners.

In this intimate online workshop and community, you will gain insights into the strategies, tactics and tools for good art direction and its usage as a tool for levelling up as an independent creator.

The Mindful Creative Year

An intimate online workshop that will provide insights into a sustainable and personalised planning system designed to align your inner compass, map out your ambitions, and achieve a fulfilling professional year.

On Crafting a Publication

Having the know-how to produce timeless and impactful publications can prove an asset to any creative professional.

In this intimate workshop, we will concept a magazine from start to finish: ideation to final files and ultimately, the printed product.

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