Leveling Up For Creative Professionals

If you are reading this, then you are most probably a creative professional. I’m one as well, working in the fields of art direction, graphic design, and consulting. The journey we’re on is fun, beautiful, and rewarding.

However, it does come with its share of difficulties and challenges. And, as creatives—and professionals—we are always striving to take our work to the next level. It’s a never-ending process.

Over the last ten years, I’ve been trying to figure out solutions to the obstacles I’ve encountered in my personal life, relationships, and career. I’ve become obsessed with finding out how to navigate barriers and through the CREATIVE.VOYAGE platform, I hope to develop these ideas for the benefit, and together with, fellow creatives.

The Creative Voyage Podcast is a long-form interview show which I produce and host. The podcast features insightful conversations with some of the world’s most inspiring creative professionals, reveals the stories that shaped their lives and careers, and offers actionable strategies to help you take your mindset and skills to the next level.

My mission with the CREATIVE.VOYAGE is to explore, discuss, and share anything that can contribute to helping you—the ambitious creator—to level up, and lead a fulfilling, empowered, and inspired life.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

Mario Depicolzuane, Founder & Producer


Mario Depicolzuane is a graphic designer and art director who founded CREATIVE.VOYAGE and Studio8585.

Studio8585 is a design practice dedicated to producing elegant and impactful solutions for clients, including brand identities, content, websites, printed matter, and other bespoke communication assets. Clients include Kinfolk, MENU, Harvard GSD, Sonos, LG Electronics, SPACE10, Alium, TRNK, Ouur Collection, The Poster Club, New World Development, and The Audo.

His work has been published in international design publications including Monotone, Selected D, Graphic Design Inspirations, On Spot: International Event Design, Designing For The Greater Good, and Designing Your Identity and featured in design magazines and websites, such as Dezeen, Wallpaper, Openhouse, Design Anthology, A Quiet Day, Milk Magazine, and Minimalissimo.

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