How to Be a Better Creative Professional, Best of Season 1

How to Be a Better Creative Professional, Best of Season 1



In this episode, we are going to listen to the highlights of season 1 of the podcast. I’ve decided to take the best of the strategic, tactical, and inspirational advice all of the 12 guests gave at the end of each interview, and create this insight-packed special episode.

You can think of it as a perennial creative career advice resource, that you can easily get back to whenever you feel stuck, lacking motivation, or just wanna get inspired.

If you are a creative professional in any industry and any stage of your career, I hope it will at different times provide different pockets of guidance and wisdom to support you on your journey.

"Be brave, stay curious, and do something good while being on this planet." — Eike König

  • Introduction [00:00]
  • Episode Introduction [00:51]
  • Nadine Goepfert – Textile Designer (Episode 11) [02:00]
  • Jacopo Moschin – Photographer (Episode 1) [05:06]
  • Sarah Lipstate – Composer & Guitarist (Episode 6) [08:53]
  • Carl Emil S. Bregnhøi – Digital Brand Strategist & Entrepreneur (Episode 7) [11:53]
  • Short Episode Break – Support the Podcast [16:05]
  • Fukiko Takase – Dancer & Choreographer (Episode 9) [16:48]
  • Merijn Hos – Illustrator (Episode 8) [20:28]
  • Charlotte Heal – Creative & Art Director (Episode 2) [22:18]
  • Nao Nozawa – Graphic Designer & Art Director (Episode 4) [25:27]
  • Tim Rundle – Product Designer (Episode 10) [26:49]
  • Ellen Louise Freeman – Writer & Editor (Episode 3) [29:42]
  • Eike König – Creative Director & Artist (Episode 5) [32:03]
  • Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen – Architect & Designer (Episode 12) [32:44]
  • Episode Outro [34:32]

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