The podcast offers interesting viewpoints for creative minds that are looking to improve or gather new food for thought. What I like the most about it is that it provides both high-level perspectives, as well as practical insights and ways to level up as a creative professional across different creative disciplines.

Alona Vibe (Photographer & Strategy Consultant, Denmark)

This podcast asks the questions we are all needing to hear, and it is extremely helpful to hear such a candid conversation between two experienced designers, brilliant stuff!

Daniel Britton (Graphic Designer, Great Britain) via Apple Podcasts

Just by chance, I found your podcast, and the episode with Fukiko Takase is one of the best interviews I have listened to in a long, long time, full of things and tips to remember. I find it very useful.

Carlos Maiques (Illustrator, Spain)

I find the series very inspirational and easy to relate. I appreciate direct questions like how exactly to start something or turn it into a business. Believe that this is often skipped when interviewing already successful professionals so am thankful to the host for his approach.

Martin (Spain) via Apple Podcasts

I appreciate how thoughtful and relaxed the interviews are. It feels like there is no bias or telling me how to think. It’s very relatable and approachable. It makes me feel like we are all in this together, facing similar struggles and figuring it out as we go.

Carey deVictoria-Michel (Artist, Washington State)

The guests are too exciting to ignore the podcast. Mario lets them tell their stories, hooks up in the right places and thus creates an absolute added value in terms of strategies and career planning in the design and creative sector.

Laura Daume (Content Creator, Germany) via Beige Magazine