Five Quick Questions with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Five Quick Questions with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

1. What's on your current playlist?

I’ve recently been to Japan, where I stumbled upon Yukihiro Atsumi whom I’ve listened to ever since. Niels Frahm is also constantly on my playlist these days. Both of them create a mood that really makes me feel at ease. 

2. Something about you that people would be surprised to know?

I can still make a mean ollie on my skateboard. I spent most of my youth on a skateboard, and it is almost like riding a bike. The body remembers even though it becomes more and more hazardous with age.


3. A recent purchase that you really enjoy?

I just bought a new camera – Leica Q – and it’s in constant use. I am not a very technical person, but I love it when new gear can enhance the quality of my work. 

4. What habit are you trying to implement or get rid of at the moment?

I am trying to be ever aware of my digital habits. To me, it seems to be one of the biggest challenges of modern life.

5. A book that changed you?

Invisible cities by Italian writer Italo Calvino has changed my perception of reading and of creating in general. It’s a book without a plot as such, but with imaginative and beautiful literary mental constructions of architecture. One’s approach to creating art does not have to be structured. Maybe it is fine to approach a topic in a more felt way with an aim to create emotions, images and more vague storylines.

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